The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Survival Kit

Ok Ladies, let's talk bachelorette party. It is your last night out on the town as a single woman (on paper at least,) and it's only right you and the girl squad go out with a bang. We have put together the ultimate bachelorette party survival kit that'll make your night, and recovering from it go off without a hitch.

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Everyone knows every good night starts with a toast ( hello all 3 Hangover movies.) These mini bottles are an adorable bachelorette party kit staple. They are perfect for customizing, AND you don't even need a glass. Pop a cute pink straw inside and you're set.


Hair Ties.

If you're not at the point yet, we know you'll get there! With all the dancing, slumber partying, or even bar hopping, whatever you and your girls have planned theses babies will definitely come in handy.



Let's be honest with ourselves here ladies. Nothing quite brings out your clumsy like a night with the girls. Stash a pack of these cuties in your kits and everything will be just fine. (And if not you'll still get to flaunt your really cute "ouchie" to the flower girl.)


Shots. Shots. Shots.

These are for once you've got your classy lady, presecco toast out of the way (you know the one you classily sipped with a straw straight from the bottle.) Also, everyone knows shot glasses are the official commemorative item for any event that actually matters.


Makeup Wipes.

Your ladies, and their pores will thank you. The hardest part about coming in from a long night out is washing of the 10 pounds of makeups you put on before heading out. Do everyone a favor and throw a pack of these in the kit. Just trust us. 


Under-eye Masks.

Yes ladies, the night may be over but the weekend is NOT done. If your girl gang plans to make it to brunch looking refreshed and Instagram photo ready you'll need these. Just have everyone pop them on as the roll out of bed, and they'll be good as gold.


That's a wrap!

These are all of our must haves for you ultimate bachelorette party survival kit. You can give these as a gift, or put them together with your girls in preparation for the big event. Let us know if you used any of our survival kit essentials.

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