SSY Real Bride: Lynzie Wylie's Covid Elopement

Life for everyone these days has been a little different. But despite everything going on many, including our amazing SSY brides, have found a way to bring light to the current situation. In  this week's blog our sweet, sweet bride Lynzie Wylie shares her experience on last minute changes caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic

Photographer: Allie Atkisson  

Ig: @allieatkissonimaging

What was your initial plan for your big day and how did covid change that?

   Our initial plan was a wedding with 120+ guests at the Loft 1023 in Little Rock on April 25th. However, on the week of March 16th, covid hit and there was talk that the state was going to shut down. I knew then there was no way we could get married the way we initally planned. 

How did you and your hubby make the decision to change your plans?

   So we decided to get married at Loft 1023 but reduce it to 20ish people and do it on March 27th. But then on Friday, March 20, my husband called me and said do you want to just get married tomorrow? He was worried that the stay at home order was going to go into effect soon and said why don’t we just do it now when we can at least have our family there. I said okay, let’s do it but where? And immediately I said let’s elope where we went on our first date, on an overlook in the Ouachita Forest. Within 24 hours, I had my photographer, MUA, my dress altered, a bouquet, champagne, a wedding cake made by my grandma. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

  Was there any one part of your initial plan you really missed?

I missed having our friends and family there that couldn’t make it. We made it to around 10 guests to keep it safe... but some of my husband's siblings couldn’t make the journey

What was your favorite part about your big day?

My favorite part was having such an intimate ceremony with our closest family. Even though it was planned last minute, it reminded me that what really mattered was that I’m marrying my best friend.


   What advice do you have for other brides that are having to make changes due to covid??

 Don’t sweat the details. Will it matter in 20 years? Marriage is about more than the actual wedding.

We are so grateful to Lynzie for allowing us to share her special moment with you all & we are so excited for Lynzie and Colton and their union. As always, thank you all so much for reading, we hope you enjoyed it.

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Thanks for reading, lovelies!


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