Bridal Gown Dictionary

We know that when shopping for wedding gowns there is a LOT of new terminology thrown your way. You have enough to think about leading up to your big day so let us take that off your plate! Here's a quick guide to some of the terms you'll be hearing during your shopping experience! 

Bridal Consultant.

Your bridal consultant is your friend on the inside! They are experts on wedding gowns and will  give you input and help you find your dream dress. Your consultant will be by your side from start to finish, all the way up to your big day! 

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A bustle is a way to shorten your train and make your gown more functional. Your seamstress will put in the bustle when your dress is hemmed. There are many types of bustles to chose from. The American Bustle, also known as an Over-Bustle, involves the train being lifted and hooked over the top of the dress. The French bustle, or Under bustle, involves the train of the gown being tucked under the dress (think the yellow dress from Beauty and the Beast.)

American Bustle

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French Bustle



The train of a bridal gown is the portion of the gown that rests on the floor behind the bride. Trains can be shaped, often in a clover shape, or have different trims, such as lace that matches the gown. 



The hem of any garment is the bottom edge. Most wedding gowns will need to have the hem shortened to make it the correct length with shoes.


Boho or Bohemian

Boho, or bohemian gowns, are a more casual relaxed style of gown. These dresses often feature lace and are lighter fabrics. 

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Veil Lengths

There are a wide variety of veil lengths to chose from. Fingertip veils are around 45 inches long and end near the brides fingertips when her hands are by her side. 
Waltz length veils are 60 inches long and end mid calf. 
Chapel wedding veils are 90 inches long and rest on the floor, similar to a train. 
Cathedral veils are 108-120 inches long and extend beyond the train of the gown. 
Blusher- A blusher is a short veil that brides traditionally use to cover their face while walking down the aisle. Some veils include a blusher, however they can also be ordered separately. 

That's it!

These are some of the most common words used in wedding dress shopping! We hope this little dictionary helps you in your process of finding your dream gown! 

Thank You, ladies, for reading! We are so excited for all of our brides and can't wait to help you out during this process!


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