How to throw the perfect

social distancing bridal shower. 

Ok Ladies, we know the world is a little crazy right now and wedding plans are changing. But that doesn't mean you have to miss out on a bridal shower. There are lots of Social Distancing approved ways to still have a great time while your loved ones shower you!

Choose how to host your bridal shower

There are two main options for your social distancing showers. You can go the virtual route, using an app like zoom, facebook messenger, google duo, or skype. This is a great option if your guests are spread out across the state or country. To host a virtual shower, your host will need to schedule a meeting on their preferred app then invite your people. It should be noted that zoom only allows 45 min per call. 

Your other option is to host a drive by shower where you have contact less exchanges and some (six feet away) face to face contact. Set up a cute area on the porch or in the yard for the bride to sit (make sure you are far enough away to comply with CDC guidelines). You can add a table right by the road for shower guests to pick up favors and drop off gifts. Don't forget the lysol to spray down the gifts! (Extra tip:  order a cardboard cutout of the bride for guests to safely take pictures with) 

Pick your invitations

Even though your shower may not be traditional, it is still important to send out invitations. You can chose virtual invitations or even paper invitations to keep it traditional. For virtual invitations check out etsy for lots of great options!


The best part of a social distancing shower is you only have to decorate (or clean) what can be seen via camera or car! This means you can go crazy with decorations. Frame the bride with decor and snacks! We love using balloons to be a simple but FUN decoration idea!

That's a wrap!

These are the basics to planning your social distancing approved shower! With these tips you can have a great time and still follow cdc guidelines! Let us know if you try out any of these tips! 

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