DIY Denim Wedding Jacket 

We've seen it ALL OVER Instagram and Pinterest! Custom jackets are the biggest wedding trend of 2020. 

Engagement shoots, Bachelorette Parties or for the BIG day itself...these jackets are customizable for any event! We decided to make one ourselves to test how DIY friendly this project is! 

Step 1: Gather your supplies

We were excited how few supplies this project took! You'll need

- A denim jacket (ours came from goodwill!)

- White Paint (we used acrylic paint but you can use fabric paint)

-A white marker (we tried to use a pencil but it didn't show up, we used a pink marker and it took multiple coats to cover it.)

-An angled thin paintbrush

Step 2: Lay out your jacket.

This step is important because it helps you find the middle line of your jacket. Our jacket had a seam down the middle that made it easier but if yours doesn't you can mark it with a piece of tape (put one at the bottom of your design and one at the top)

Step 3: Plan and sketch your design.

We wanted to make a jacket for a bachelorette party and/or engagement shoot so we went with "future Mrs." as our saying. 

A few other options for sayings: 


"Mrs. XYZ" (with your new last name)


You can use stencils to create your design or freehand! Don't be afraid to find a design online to print and trace. You can also find some incredible calligraphy tutorials on pinterest!


This is where we made a mistake. We used a pink marker and the color bled through on our next step. We had to do multiple layers of paint because of this!

Step 4: Paint! 

Use your angled paintbrush to carefully go over your design! This may take a couple coats to fully cover the denim and that's okay! Make sure your layers dry completely before you put the next layer on. 

Step 4: Rock your jacket! 

Great Job! You did it! You have a completely custom jacket to celebrate this exciting time in your life! 

This would be a fun activity for the bridal party to do together! 

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