A Brief History

of The Garter Toss 

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In addition to all the festivities that take place, one of the best things about weddings are all the fun traditions. In honor of all the cute new garters we have coming in, we'd like to highlight the garter toss tradition in particular. In today's blog post we'll discuss how it got started, and how you can carry it on, at your wedding! 

How it all began

As we know from all the years of middle, high school, and college history lessons, etiquette has not always been the strong suit of our ancestors, and weddings were no exception. The origin of the garter toss comes from the frightening traditon of all the wedding guests tearing the bride's gown to shreds at the end of the ceremony. Yes, you read that right. Having a piece of the wedding gown was seen as good luck, so  wedding guests would storm the alter for a chance to snag a piece of fabric from the blushing and often terrified bride's gown. In order to save the bride the trauma, and appease the rowdy guests the garter toss was born! The bride and groom would toss the garter and while the distracted crowd fought over it they'd slip the bride to saftey.

How you can incoporate

"the toss"

Today's garter toss is a lot less scary and actually a very fun event for participants and spectators. The groom tosses the garter to his groomsmen and whoever catches it will get married next (or so the legend goes.) The event is 100% optional, but should you choose to incorporate it you'll most likely want to purchase a garter set. Garter sets come with two garters, one to toss and one to hang onto as a momento from the day. You'll want to wear your garter lower on your leg so its easy for your groom to retrieve, we suggest right above the knee. To get everyone amped up for the big moment you may even opt for a special "toss playlist."

Thank you ladies for reading. If you decide to have a garter toss at your wedding visit us at  She Said Yes to browse our selection of garter sets.

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