This week we are focusing on the guys! We carry Jim's Formal Wear for all of our men's formal attire needs! We are answering questions like, what's the difference between a suit and a tuxedo, what styles do they come in, and are there different fits? If you have ever been curious or had questions regarding men's formal wear, this is the blog for you! 

Suit Vs. Tuxedo

The biggest difference between a tuxedo and a suit is that the tux is usually lined in satin. This very elegant fabric style is what makes the tux a more formal option. This can be a great choice for any black tie event. 

A suit however, is still a fabulous option! A suit is a tad bit more relaxed than a tuxedo.  You can mix and match coat and pant colors, as well as pick from a variety of fabric options. A suit can still be the perfect option for your event and you will still look just as dapper!

Different Fit  Styles 

Suits and tuxedo come in a variety of different fits to be able to comfortably fit any body shape and size! Take a look at Jim's Formal Wear fit guide! 

Ways to Customize your formal attire!

There are many different options when it comes to customizing your tuxedo or suit! Pick a unique shirt color, change up your socks, or wear a fun bow tie! No matter what just have fun with it! 

Make sure if you are choosing the option of having fun socks, to keep in mind that you will need a pant break if you'd like them to show! (This means having your pants fall a little above your ankle to expose your socks!) 

We hope this blog helped answer questions you might have had about men's formal wear attire!  

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Thanks for reading, lovelies!


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