SSY Real Bride: Lindsay Gilio's Virtual Wedding 

Life for everyone these days has been a little different. But despite everything going on many, including our amazing SSY brides, have found a way to bring light to our situation. In  this week's blog our sweet, sweet bride Lindsay Gilio shares her light with us by giving us a  look into her virtual "Zoom" wedding.

Photographer: Tanner Burge Photography

Ig: @tannerburgephoto

When was your original wedding date, and did you end up having your elopement ceremony on the same day?

   Our original wedding date was April 4th . With the love and support of our family, friends, pastor, and photographer we were able to become husband and wife on that day.

Whose idea was it to elope or was it a mutual idea?

   The decision to have a small, virtual “Zoom” wedding was not an easy one to make for either of us, but we made it together. We were not going to let this corona-curve ball stop us from starting our married lives together! We both have family out of town and in an ideal world we would’ve loved our entire family/friends to witness our marriage in person, but we wanted to put everyone’s safety first considering the seriousness of the coronavirus.

   What was the highlight of the day for you?

 Definitely saying “I do” to marrying my best friend and God bringing us together as one.   Also, our local family and friends surprised us with a wedding caravan right outside our house! After the short and sweet ceremony, we heard a bunch of cars honking outside and they wouldn’t stop! So, we opened our front door and to our surprise our family and friends were driving down our street, honking and yelling, “Congrats!” to us from a safe distance away. They all made signs that they hung out the windows of their cars! Chris and I felt so loved. 

What, were the best parts of having a smaller ceremony?

  It was such a sweet and intimate ceremony with just Chris, me, our pastor and photographer in our new home. I think since it was more of a “chill” vibe at our house, we were both a little more relaxed going into the ceremony. It was not how we originally planned our wedding day to be, but God knew how special April 4th was going to be and provided a way for us to become one regardless of everything going on in the world today.


   Are you still planning on having another ceremony at a later date for friends and family?

 Yes! Our wedding vendors have been so gracious and understanding of the situation and we were able to push back our big ceremony/reception with family and friends to the end of this summer! So, I’ll still be able to wear my beautiful wedding dress I got from SSY (which Chris has yet to see!).  

Do you have any advice for other couples thinking of eloping?

    You do you, boo! Everyone else is going to have an opinion of what y’all do – but at the end of the day it’s about God bringing the two of you together.

What has been the best part of married life so far, and what are you looking forward to?

    The best part of married life so far is never having to say “goodbye” and just doing life together in our new home! Can’t stop smiling – God has been so sweet to us and we know all these blessings are from Him! We are looking forward to being on this married life journey together, but definitely enjoying it day by day. But for the near future – we are looking forward to dancing the night away at our big wedding celebration with our family and friends in July!!

We are so grateful to Lindsay for allowing us to share her special moment with you all & we are so excited for Lindsay and Chris and their union. As always, thank you all so much for reading, we hope you enjoyed it.

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Thanks for reading, lovelies!


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