The Perfect Wedding Day Survival Kit

Ok Ladies, we built the perfect survival kit for your bachelorette party, now its time for your big day! There are lots of unexpected moments on your Wedding Day and a "day of" kit can help you be prepared for all of those moments. 

(Click each photograph to see where you can purchase the item)

Steamer and Blow Dryer.

Nothing gets in the way of wonderful

pictures like wrinkles on your gown! Steaming your dress is a quick and easy way to get rid of those wrinkles! We LOVE this amazon steamer and is the one we have at home for personal use. A blow dryer is perfect to dry your dress after steaming it.  

blow dryer.jpg

Crochet Hook.

All those beautiful bridal buttons on the back of your gown are one of the best details on your gown but they can be a nightmare to button! A crochet hook is the best tool to quickly fasten all those tiny buttons. 

crochet hook.jpg

Sewing Kit, Fashion Tape, Lint Roller, and Shout Wipes.

Accidents happen! Rips, spills and fuzz don't have to qualify as fashion emergencies. These tools are perfect for quick fixes throughout your big day! 

shout wipe.jpeg

Breath Mints

You come in close contact with so many people on your big day! From your first kiss as a married couple to greeting your guests, fresh breath is key! We love these fruit flavored mints from amazon. 

Blotting Papers.

Your wedding day is a long day full of lots of nerves, emotions and excitement. These blotting papers are a great way to make sure your makeup stays on through the entire day!

That's a wrap!

These are all of our must haves for you ultimate wedding day survival kit. Let us know if you used any of our survival kit essentials.

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