Frequently Asked Quesrtions

1. What is the price point of your wedding gowns? 

     We carry a wide variety of designers that vary in style, detail and price. We list the price range of each designer on our website under each of the designer's description. Our broad spectrum of prices range from $999.00 and up.  Additionally, we also offer "OFF RACK" options at a discounted rate. 

2. Do I need to make an appointment to visit your shop? 

     During the week we strongly recommend making an appointment to guarantee that we can provide the best experience possible. Saturdays are appointment only, however, if you stop in without an appointment and there are consultants available, we would love to help! Call to check our appointment availability or click here to schedule. 

3. How long will the appointment last?

     Our Signature Experience is a 90 minute appointment while our Luxe Experience is a 3 hour private appointment (click here to learn more).

4. Can I shop for my wedding gown and bridesmaids in the same appointment?

     It may seem like the best use of your time to knock everything out all at once, but the reality is that it can be very overwhelming to make so many choices in one visit. We really like to let you, our bride, have the spotlight on our well lit stage without pressure to make more decisions. If scheduling limits your bridal party to one appointment time, please let us know in advance so we can book two appointment slots back to back.

5. Is there a limit to the number of people I can bring? 

     Our seating allows us to comfortably host 2-3 guests for each bridal appointment. This allows for an intimate bridal experience with a few of your close friends and family. More seating is available upon request. If you would prefer to shop with your whole crew, check out our Luxe Experience (as listed above) where you can sip champagne after hours and listen to your favorite music.

6. Are photos allowed? 

     We recommend waiting until the end of the appointment to take comparison photos in your absolute faves. We also recommend silent photography ;) 

7. How far in advance should I purchase?

     We recommend purchasing your gown 9-12 months before your wedding.  After we measure you and special order your dress the estimated in store is normally 4-6 months.  After your gown arrives alterations can take 6-8 weeks. You will also want to factor in when (and if) you are wanting to do bridal portraits. Haven't thought about portraits? You totally should! It's a great way to "test run" your look. 

8. What is a trunk show?

     Trunk shows are undoubtedly something to get excited about.  This is when we have gowns in store for one weekend only exclusively from one of our designers (this is usually 15-25 gowns that are not normally in our store).  Sometimes this is the designers newest collection or the best of from the selected designer.  You'll just have to stay tuned on our Instagram @shesaidyesbridal- for Rogers and @shesaidyesbridal_intheheights- for Little rock to see what's coming next! 

9. Do you have a seamstress?

        We do not have a seamstress that works in house. However, we do have seamstresses that we work with for both our Rogers and Little Rock location that we would love you recommend you to.  

10. What should I bring?

     Bring an open mind and nude or white undergarments. You may also want to wear a strapless bra or we can provide a strapless bustier or long line bra for your convenience in trying on.  We also have a few different petticoat options. We will have bottled water to offer you though we don't mind if you bring your own drink of choice. 

                    Have more questions?                       

                              Give us a ring or shoot us an email!                           

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