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Mother of the Occasion

At She Said Yes Bridal we offer a vast selection of mother-of-the-occasion gowns in various sizes, colors, and styles. From traditional to modern, we have something for every mother. We work with incredible designers such as Cameron Blake, Jade by Jasmine, and Montage to ensure that you get the best dress for your occasion. Our gowns can be purchased off the rack or special ordered to fit your unique requirements. Our average price range is $350-$800.  We can't wait to help you find your perfect gown.  Follow the link below to schedule your one-on-one styling appointment.

Cameron Blake

Jade by Jasmine


Frequently Ask Questions:

1.  How soon should I start shopping?
Ideally, 5 or more months before your wedding. This timeline provides you with more options and allows for special orders if the perfect gown is not in stock.

2.  What if I need a last minute Mother of the Occasion gown?

We have two options for you. You can purchase a gown "off the rack" to take home immediately. Additionally, some of our designers keep stock, and your stylist will work with you to help you find the best option.

2.  What should I bring with me?
  Bring any undergarments you plan to wear on the day of the event and have an idea of the colors you're interested in.

3.  Do I need an appointment? 
   Yes, to ensure you have the best experience, we work with you one-on-one and have a fitting room ready for your arrival.  To schedule an appointment, call us at 479-631-2006 or follow the link below.

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